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After much graft and the occasional late night, our new album titled COMBAT JOCK is ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public.
It has been a labour of love and we are all delighted with the end result.

The release date is Friday 16th November and we are marking the occasion with a launch at The Mash House in Edinburgh.
Albums bought on the night will come with a complimentary poster.

COMBAT JOCK will then be available through our website merch page from Saturday 17th November.…

A massive thanks to Wattie Buchan, The Exploited, Ken Bonsall, Ferocious Dog, T.j. McFaull, The Bar Stool Preachers, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Max Splodge, Bammy MaccLad, The Macc Lads, Pedro Stokowski, Mark Whiteside, Evil Blizzard, Jane Titine LaVoix Ward, Henry Cluney, Ave Tsarion, XSLF, Martin Metcalfe, The Filthy Tongues, Jim Threat, Jim Threat and the Vultures for their contributions, all different but all bloody brilliant. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun working with you all.

A big shout out to Margaret Henery at Rita Stirling - Photographer for the fantastic cover pics and artwork. Thanks a million Margaret.

Also thanks to Hamish Morphamish Campbell at Sound Sound studios for his patience, flexability and expertise in recording, producing and mastering our tracks plus that of the guests.

Look forward to seeing many familiar faces, and hopefully welcome some new folk to the Gimme family on the 16th.


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